My name is Deyan Bakardzhiev and I’m a KNVvL certified Master Rigger.

I started skydiving in Bulgaria in 1998. I did my first reserve inspection/repack in 1997. I started with skydiving in Bulgaria back when it was not so easy. There weren’t places you could pay to jump, nor I’ve had the money to travel abroad. I had time and I could read English, so I read all I could find about gear and materials. And about that time my passion for rigging began. Then I spent 9,5 years in the military where I worked on every type of parachute the army had to offer.

In 2007 I went to Spain to learn about modern sport skydiving gear
from Georgui Krastev, whom I still consider the neatest rigger when it
comes down to reserve repacks. The guy was absolute wizard!

In 2008 I left the army to travel around and enjoy skydiving. My travels took me to Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge, where I spent the season packing parachutes and just having fun. Also, I met my future wife there 🙂

And after doing rigging work for other companies for a few years, in 2016, AREA 47 was finally born !

To this moment I have more than 7000 inspections and more than 5700 repacks, as well as hundreds if not thousands of repairs and modifications.

In 2019 I became a Rigger Examiner and in January 2023 an FAA certified Master riggger……and the journey continues……