The Infinity harness/container system was designed with two basic concepts in mind: safety and performance. An emphasis has been placed on increased security of the pin cover flaps and riser covers, an additional main riser cover is incorporated into the reserve container side flap, a redesigned reserve pilot chute for better launch and higher drag, and the standard Reserve Static Line (RSL) is Velcro-free and concealed for maximum snag resistance.

The One and Only Infinity™

The Infinity™ features many of the state-of-the-art design features found on most skydiving rigs, but we have done it the Velocity way. From the beginning, the Infinity has made great effort to integrate features without adding on extra unneeded pieces or elements just for the sake of saying “we have that too”. The well thought out design of the Infinity rig is the baseline for the highest quality and performance standards in skydiving gear and equipment.

Standard Features

Every new Infinity™ includes:

  • Harness / Container assembly
  • Standard color pattern with standard embroidery on left mudflap, both sidebodies, and the Infinity™ symbol on the #1 flap
  • Cadmium plated hardware
  • Main risers (22″) with hard housings with main toggles
  • Main riser cutaway pillow and cables
  • Main deployment bag (d-bag)
  • Main kill line pilot chute with bridle and hackey
  • Reserve Static Line (RSL)
  • Reserve toggles
  • Reserve free bag with bridle
  • Reserve pilot chute
  • Reserve metal D-handle ripcord
  • Polycarbonate hook knife
  • Owners manual

Unique Features

  • Matte Black Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Floating Laterals
  • Chest Rings
  • Main Pin Cover Protection
  • Contrast Stitching
  • Dual Riser Covers
  • Velocity Risers
  • Spring Loaded Legstrap Adapters
  • Mesh Padding

What to expect from your Infinity:

  • Main pin cover protection- Main pin and bridle protection are important in preventing out of sequence deployments and premature openings. The Infinity main pin flap does a great job of protecting both pin and bridle by anchoring the main pin flap and top main container flap at the same point. It’s robust yet easy to use. You never need to put much worry that you may have knocked the pin cover open when climbing around inside or out of the aircraft.
  • A BOC that is integrated near the bridle protection flap.
  • Shaped corners that give extra security to bridle stowage and shape to the container in a way that tie in to the side flaps.
  • Riser tuck tabs- to the size and shape of the riser flap tuck tabs, riser covers stay closed in any orientation and speed.
  • Fully enclosed reserve pilot chute.

The Infinity™ is a great option for all skydiving and parachuting disciplines. Here are just a few that we cover (Accuracy and CRW not shown).

The Ideal Freefly Container

Everything about the Infinity harness container system is ideal for freeflying. Along with the standard features of the Infinity Rig, the freefly container includes:

  • Floating laterals- These have been called “the single most innovative improvement in harness design in a few decades.”
  • Chest articulation and freefly handles.

Take Your Infinity to the Next Level – Wingsuit Options

We’ve taken the Infinity to the next level with wingsuit modifications. We offer dymanic corners, a semi-stowless deployment bag aka the “Party Bag”, and ring cover hook knife mounts.

The Party Bag provides smoother and more consistently stable, on-heading openings.

The triangular stabilizer flap on the bag (attached to the bridle) creates a higher suspension point for the elastic stows to release. It reduces the amount of tilt that is caused from the elastic stows grabbing the lines.

A Customized Rig for Your Discipline – Swoop Options

To further enhance the features and customization of our products, we met with some of the world’s best canopy pilots and asked them what they’d like to see on equipment customized for their discipline. On our swoop container we’ve added:

  • Swoop loops- added to the front risers, allowing the swooper to grab higher and to have more leverage creating higher canopy performance.
  • Competition risers – have swoop loops and are sewn in half for less drag. An additional guide ring is on the rear risers creating an easy transition from risers to toggles.
  • Belly band




Wings Vision

Same comfort, durability and affordability, but with a sleek new look.

New look

By redesigning the main closing flap and riser covers, the Wings Vision looks narrower and more compact. Since it uses more pieces, you have more options of colors to customize the look of your Vision.

Our simple and clean tuck tab design keeps your riser covers closed by placing the stiffeners in the right place to avoid bending and setting into the wrong shape.


As with all Wings products, we build the Vision with safety first and foremost. The Vision passes TSO-C23d, certified for higher speeds and heavier loads than previous standards.


We’re confident that the Wings Vision will be the most comfortable rig you ever put on your back. The Vision forms to your body. The integrated rings of the articulated harness allow for easy movement in the harness, letting the harness pivot instead of pinch. The Wings design cradles your hips while moving your legs forward. Under canopy, you don’t hang, you sit.

Anti-Line Twist Main D-Bag

Traditional main deployment bags stow the lines wide, all the way across the bag. The Wings D-bag minimizes line twists by keeping all of the suspension lines stowed closer to the center of the bag. This prevents the bag from rocking during opening, encouraging on-heading openings.

Cordura BOC

Wings offers the ultimate in durability and reliability: the Cordura BOC. Under the best of circumstances Spandex wears out, often after only several hundred jumps. A Cordura pilot chute pouch will last the life of your rig. The Cordura pouch will not stretch and lose its ability to contain your pilot chute, which greatly reduces the chance of a premature opening. No matter what your BOC material, Wings protects your bridle, keeping it away from snags and wind.